There are over 100 routes to work and live in America.

There are over 100 routes to work and live in America.

Our proven experience and legal expertise in the complex USA work visa scheme can help your family select the right route and obtain your vital entry Work Permits, Visas and Green Cards. The Uk investor Visa system is one of the most complex in the World and emigration law is our speciality.

But as well as liaising with the USA embassy to help secure that vital embassy visa, green card or work permit we can also advise on many other aspects of emigrating…from accommodation and education to relocating possessions and pets overseas. tier 2 sponsor licence application

About the USA
The United States is a favourite destination for families wanting to emigrate and earn their living there. The standard of living of most Americans is among the highest in the world. Work and business opportunities are dynamic and the work ethic is strong. Consequently most people feel that they are personally responsible for their own success, workers are more mobile and labour costs more flexible than in Europe.

Often described as “The land of opportunity”, America also boasts nearly every kind of landscape and the world’s most ethnically diverse population. The increasing popularity of USA as a holiday destination has created a very high demand to live there permanently. For many families this is their dream. So if you’re family is thinking of emigrating to America, we at A new life abroad can help you satisfy entry requirements and make sure your dream of a new life there becomes a reality. Click here to learn more about living and working in America.

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